MATA is a professional association founded in December of 2010 by 10 eminent professors and translators, pursuant to the Macedonian Law on Associations and Foundations.

The mission of the Macedonian Translators Association (MATA) is to formulate and maintain professional standards and ethics in the Republic of Macedonia, provide opportunities for continuous education and professional development of translators and promote the translation profession among the members of the profession, potential clients and the general public.

MATA’s objectives are:

  • to promote the translation profession;
  • to promote communication and raise awareness of the benefits of translation work;
  • to formulate and maintain standards of professional practice and code of ethics, as well as of professional competence;
  • to stimulate and foster education and professional development of translators;
  • to provide a forum for cooperation with members of related professions, and
  • to foster professional and social relations among its members.


ASSEMBLY, consisting of all MATA members
BOARD OF DIRECTORS with 7 members (3 executive, 4 non-executive):
Irena Kacarski-Ќimova, Chair of the Board, executive member
Hristina Dojčinova, executive member
Bojan Kicurovski, executive member
Ljubica Arsovska, non-executive member
Ognena Nikuljski, non-executive member
Ognen Čemerski, non-executive member
Vladimir Dimitrijevič, non-executive member

Irena Kacarski-Ќimova

Hristina Dojčinova

Bojan Kicurovski


Irena Kacarski-Ќimova, founder, active member
Hristina Dojčinova, founder, active member
Bojan Kicurovski, founder, active member
Ljubica Arsovska, founder, active member
Ognena Nikuljski, founder, active member
Ognen Čemerski, founder, active member
Vladimir Dimitrijevič, founder, active member
Mirjana Aleksoska-Čkatroska, founder, active member
Zorica Nikolovska, founder, active member
Rajna Koška-Hot, founder, active member


Margaret Reid, honorary member
Graham Reid, honorary member