Aleksandar Stankovikj

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Александар Станковиќ
+389 (71) 859-858
превод, толкување
економија/деловно работење, животна средина, инженерство/ техн. , меѓународни односи, меѓународни организации, право  , финансии
англиски, македонски, српски
англиски, македонски, српски
англиски, македонски, српски

I have simultaneously graduated from two faculties and obtained two degrees: MSc in Architecture and MA in English Language and Literature. After passing the tests conducted by the Macedonian Ministry of Justice, I became a court interpreter for English and Serbian.

I have been working as a freelance translator in combinations of English, Serbian and Macedonian for ten years. During that time, I have translated more than 25,000 pages of documents for Serbian, Macedonian and international companies, translation agencies, NGOs and government institutions. The combined value of the projects that I have translated exceeds one billion euros.

In the last couple of years I started to diversify my activities. I have done consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in more than 300 events. I have completed my studies for a masters degree in conference interpreting on a scholarship from the European Commission.

As I am both an architect and professional translator, my obvious specialties are construction and engineering. I have also become highly specialized in the fields of law, economy and government. I am a member of Mensa with an IQ of 156+, which allows me to work quickly and manage my time efficiently.