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Miroslav Božić
+389 71 912 265
Quality control, Translation, Interpretation, Translation editing and proofreading
Diplomacy, Economy/Business, International Relations, Literary, Law
English, German, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, French, Spanish
English, German, Macedonian, Serbian
English, German, Macedonian, Serbian

Miroslav Božić, 28 years old, Master in Diplomacy and Security studies (FDS, Belgrade), Bachelor in English language and literature (FON, Skopje) and sworn translator for English, German and Serbian languages at the Skopje Primary Court I and II.

His areas of interest spread from languages and diplomacy/International Relations to music, arts, history, Feng Shui and science/technology.

As Associate Member at MATA, he advocates the improvement of Quality standards of Translation services and the rise of the overall professional reputation the Translation domain rightfully deserves and should enjoy in the world.