Мартин Трајановски

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Martin Trajanovski
075 652 890
Quality control, Translation, Translation editing and proofreading, Interpretation
Technical/ Engineering, Literary, Marketing, International Organizations, Science, Social Sciences, Art
English, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Croatian, Montenegrin
Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Croatian, Montenegrin
Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Croatian, Montenegrin
candidate: Trajanovski Martin, born 07/03/1979 in Skopje education: Faculty of philosophy / institute of philosophy ( 9,03 ) working experience: - eight months of working experience for “ AZ – Buki “, ( 09/2003 – 04/2004 ) Skopje as translator and journalist; translation of Francis Bacon’s “ New Organon “ ( academic literature / philosophy ) published by “ AZ – Buki “, Skopje, 2006 and professional collaborator of the “ Philosophy “ magazine ( column writer and reviewer ), published by “ AZ – Buki “, Skopje - one year of working experience in the macedonian daily paper Business ( in 2006 ) as translator from english and serbo-croatian language to macedonian language ( translation of internet articles ). - 7 years of working experience in several Macedonian national televisions and translation agencies ( A1 television, Sitel, Telma, Macedonian National Television, Nexus ) as well as foreign translation agencies ( SDI Media ) as translator. Have been working there since june/2008 in the department of translation and processing of foreign TV programme. The range of duties included translating a variety of TV formats such as news materials, movies, documentary films, political debates and interviews, cartoons, reality shows, on-line and off-line subtitling, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, processing of the video materials, etc. The translation of the above quoted material was from English, Serbian and Bulgarian language to Macedonian language and vice versa. capabilities: - English language - MS Word, Internet explorer, Cubase, Reason, Sound forge, Fruity loops - valid driving license ( private car ) characteristics: responsibility, loyalty, professional realization age: 37 contact: 02/ 6121-490 075/ 652-890 e-mail: martintrajanovski@yahoo.com
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