Jana Kunovska

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Jana Kunovska
Quality control, Translation, Interpretation, Translation editing and proofreading
Diplomacy, Economy/Business, Energy, Environment, International Relations, Literary, Marketing, International Organizations, Medical, Science, Social Sciences, Patents, Law, Telecommunications, Art, Financial
English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin
English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin
English, Macedonian

Profession:  Translator/ Interpreter/Proofreader/Owner of translation agency Transforma Int  

Name:  Jana Kunovska                                                                                                        Date of Birth:  02.10.1979

Years of experience: 18+ years                                   

Nationality: Macedonian

Detailed Tasks Assigned: Translation and proofreading of different types of documents translated from Macedonian into English and vice versa as well as interpretation at different types of events (conferences, seminars, meetings…)

Key Qualifications:

Jana Kunovska is native speaker of Macedonian with 18+ years working experience as translator and interpreter from Macedonian into English and vice versa. Due to her extensive experience as translator/interpreter, she is well acquainted and versed in many fields, such as: legal; environment; education; migration; healthcare; business; finance; administration; politics; governance, economics; public sector reforms; judiciary; police; NGOs, etc.

She has great ability to deal with confidential/classified materials, is able to work with short deadlines and can handle high volume of translations, as well as has:

·         Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team;

·         Excellent communication skills;

·         Excellent command of computer technology in general

·         Excellent command of interpreting booths and equipment

·         Excellent command of MS Office tools (Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio)

·         Excellent command of Internet resources and Computer-Aided-Translation Tools

·         Organizing large and complex workloads, working within given timeframes, working under pressure


2017-                     Institute for Social, Political and Judicial Research, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, M.Sc. candidate in Communication Studies

2004                       Faculty of Philology, Department of English Language and Literature, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia, B.A. in English Language and Literature


Employment Record:

2015-  to date                   Transforma Skopje – owner/manager, lead interpreter/translator

Relevant engagements

2005-  to date                   World Bank Skopje and IFC Skopje: Health Sector Management Project – Management Training in USA for Hospital General Managers; Study tour in the Netherlands for Professional Training for Journalists, Energy Infrastructure Improvement Project, ADDL FINANCING - MUNICIPAL SERVICES IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, Development Policy Loan, Conditional Cash Transfers Project, PDPL 3, Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project, Agriculture Strengthening and Accession Project, Second Trade and Transport Facilitation Project, Second Programmatic Development Policy Loan, Road to Europe: Program of Accounting Reform and Institutional Strengthening (REPARIS), Sustainable Energy GEF Project, Legal & Judicial, RAILWAYS REFORM, Implementation & Institutional Support Project, Business Environment Reform & Institution Strengthening Project, Real Estate Cadastre & Registration Project, Public Sector Management Adjustment Loan 2 (PSMAL 2), Social Protection Project

2006-                     Kontineo: Legal; Environment; Judiciary; Education; Migration; Agriculture; Business; Finance; Economics; Public sector reforms; Local government; EU harmonization process; interpretation to/by high EU officials

2013-  2018                   WINPRO: Witness Protection in the Fight against Serious Crime and Terrorism (WINPRO) - NICO

2009- to date                 EUD in Skopje: Legal, education, agriculture, health, economy, environment, social affairs, culture and the arts

2008-     to date              BAFA: German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

2008-                     British Council in Skopje: Education, health, social, arts, culture

2016-  to date                 MARRI: Migration, refugees, vulnerable groups

2017-    to date               DCAF: DCAF Project with the support of the British Embassy on parliamentary oversight, intelligence services reform and judiciary reform

2003-2017            USAID: SEA Project; USAID PEP Project; Access of microenterprises to public procurement; Teacher Career and Professional Development Project, E-Accessibility Project, Civil Engagement Project, Business Regulatory Impact and Dialogue for Growth Enhancement, Clean energy investment project, Microfinance Inclusion and Innovation Project, Roma Education Project

2008-2015            UNDP-SEESAC:  Projects in Social Inclusion, Local Governance and Regional Development,  Environmental Protection, Capacity building for good governance and the rule of law, Promotion of an enabling economic environment for poverty reduction, Sustainable development, and environmental protection

2008-2014            IMF Skopje: Legal, finance, economy

2009-2013            IARM: Establishment of the Institute for Accreditation, training sessions

2009-2013            UNICEF Skopje: 2009 - Healthcare Reform Financing Project; 2009- Primary school reforms; 2013 - Study Analysis of the Status of Girls and Boys in R. of Macedonia; 2013 - Training sessions for legal amendments to wages and social benefits

2009-2013            IPA, CARDS and PHARE projects:

2007-2013: Projects for Corridor X Motorway Completion, Upgrading and Modernization of the Transport Infrastructure, Establishment wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure, Establishing of an integrated and financially self-sustainable waste management system, Technical assistance to public administration, Education reform, Assistance for transition and institution building, Cross-border cooperation (with EU Member States and other countries eligible for IPA), Human resources (strengthening human capital and combating exclusion), Rural development;

2002-2007: Vocation Education and Training Reform under CARDS and PHARE;

2003-2007: CARDS– Regional Judiciary Project - Establishing an independent, reliable and function           ing judiciary and judicial cooperation in the Western Balkans

2005-  to date                   Eurolingua dooel Skopje: various TAIEX events, EU and national legislation: health and veterinary care, environment, nature, judicial reform agriculture

2004-2006            Institutes for Standardization, Metrology, Accreditation and Quality Validation CARDS/SMAQVa Project- Technical Assistance to the Institutes for Standardization, Metrology, Accreditation and Quality Validation; EU project - RWTUV, Euroconsultants S.A and Metrology

2004-2005            Ministry of Justice: P.A.R.J.A Project- Technical Assistance to Public Administration Reform- Judicial Administration ICIS Phase 2, PHARE 2000/EUROPAID

2002-2005            Ministry of Education and Science/USAID - Secondary Education Activity Project, Reform of Secondary Education; PHARE- Vocational Education and Training- second phase, Reform Program

2004-to date            various clients: European Training Foundation (VET reform, NQF/EQF), EBRD, South-East Europe Transport Observatory; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Skopje; Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Skopje; WABTEC MZT, NLB New Pension Fund, NALAS, NDI, DCAF, World Bank, ReSPA, IISG, IOM, MARRI etc., British Embassy, Embassy of the USA, OSCE



Native speaker: Macedonian

Other languages: English (excellent), Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin (good)

English - C2 Proficient User (listening, reading, speaking, writing)