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  • The differences between full and associate members are explained here
  • MATA takes pride in the versatility of its members. In order to find the most appropriate translator/interpreter, take a look at the biographies of the MATA members. The translator/interpreter is responsible for the quality of his/her work.
Active members
TypeFirst and Last nameEmailContact numberSource LanguagesTarget Languages
Active memberRajna, Serbian, CroatianEnglish, Macedonian, Serbian
Active memberDaniel Matrakoskidaniel.matrakoski@gmail.com075/730-992English, MacedonianEnglish, Macedonian
Active memberAynur, Macedonian, TurkishEnglish, Macedonian, Turkish
Active member-zpopangelova@gmail.com070248403--
Active member-ilievskanatasha@yahoo.com070 341502 --
Active memberRadomir Trajković 70 515 230English, MacedonianEnglish, Macedonian
Active memberArdita, Macedonian, SpanishAlbanian
Active memberMarija Spirkovskamarija.spirkovska@gmail.com38971229361English, Macedonian, SerbianEnglish, Macedonian
Active memberIgor, Macedonian, SpanishEnglish, Macedonian, Spanish
Active member-gjurgica.i@gmail.com071317234--
Active memberIrena Kacarski - (0)71 308 516English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Croatian, MontenegrinEnglish, Macedonian
Associate members
TypeFirst and Last nameEmailContact numberSource LanguagesTarget Languages
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