МАТА Filed a Petition with the Commission for Protection against Discrimination

On 24 December 2014, the Macedonian Translators Association (MATA) filed a petition with the Commission for Protection against Discrimination regarding the new Law on Mandatory Social Security Contributions.

In the petition, MATA has introduced seven arguments on the discrimination present in the current form of the legal provisions regulating the payment of mandatory social security contributions, with a special emphasis on the members of the freelance professions—including translators—who are put at a particular disadvantage. Freelance professionals, especially those doing precarious work, will bear the same responsibilities as the full-time employed, but will be unable to use some of the key benefits of paying social security contributions. MATA believes that full-time employees who make supplemental income from other activities will also be disadvantaged since they will be forced to pay for social security twice, as will be all categories of workers whose monthly earnings are smaller than six median salaries.

MATA has got a confirmation that the petition had been received and archived, and is now awaiting for the Commission’s formal reply. Meanwhile, we shall continue all our activities in order to improve the state of our profession for all its members, regardless of whether they are part of MATA or not.