MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Third MATA Conference 2015

Third MATA Conference 2015


The third international conference of the Macedonian Translators Association (24 October 2015) was held at the South East European University in Tetovo and pivoted around three different focal topics which concern the life of many of our members:
– Freelance translation – Can it provide social and health security in Macedonia and if yes, how? Do freelance translators in Macedonia have a retirement plan? How do freelance translators and interpreters set their rates?
– Literary translation – How can literary translators in Macedonia protect themselves when it comes to work conditions, fees and copyright? What is the practice like in Croatia?
– Court translation (sworn translation) – What are the pressing issues in the area of sworn translation? How is sworn translation regulated in Macedonia and in Croatia (comparative analysis)? What can be done to achieve standardized and more decent translation fees?

The conference gathered approximately sixty translators from both Macedonia and the wider region and it was considered to be educational, very productive and successful.