MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Yves Gambier

Yves Gambier
Yves Gambier

Professor Emeritus, Translation and Interpreting (University of Turku, Finland).
Interests: Audiovisual translation; Translation Theory, Socio-terminology, Language Policy and Language Planning, Discourse Analysis, Training of teachers in translation and interpreting.
Has published more than 180 articles and edited or co-edited 23 books, including the four volumes of The Handbook of Translation Studies (2010-2013).
Member of several Editorial boards, including: Babel, Hermeneus, Sendebar, Target, Terminology, TTR. General Editor of the Benjamins Translation Library (John Benjamins).
President of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) 1998-2004. Chair of the Expert Group in the European Master’s in Translation / EMT- project (2007-2014).

Current challenges in audiovisual translation (AVT)


Audiovisual translation includes nowadays a dozen of modalities (both for intralingual and interlingual translation), some of them recently developed thanks to digital technology.

Three main issues will be discussed:

  • The technical and social challenges of AVT today, especially when facing fansubbing and fandubbing.
  • How to define quality in AVT? What are the criteria and parameters to take into account?

AVT requires revisiting certain key concepts that are well-established in Translation Studies, such as authorship, sense, text, translation unit and translation strategy. This re-questioning has an impact on all the translators and the way they talk about translation