MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Sameh Ragab

Sam Ragab
Sam Ragab

Sameh Ragab is an EN 15038 Lead Auditor, EN 15038 Certified Translation Service Provider, Cat Tools and Terminology Management Expert, UN and Worldbank Registered Translation Vendor, DTP specialist, and Certified Localizer. A renowned international speaker and trainer focusing on the technical side of translation, Sam has over 24 years of expertise in the translation and localization industry and sets the benchmarks for quality work, with a focus on Arabic and Middle Eastern translation, localization and DTP services.

Moreover, Sam has an outstanding history in training translators and localizers to excel using latest Cat and Terminology Management tools. Sam has given workshops and conference talks in 8 countries and is the owner of Cairo-based Arabiana Translation Group (ATG). Sam’s hobbies include fishing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Automating Termbase Creation (presentation)


Managing terminology lists and bilingual glossaries is becoming more and more a pivotal asset to any professional translator, to ensure consistency, minimize proofreading and QA time, enhance the Autosuggest experience, increase productivity, and eventually avoid having frustrated or angry clients. Bilingual glossary sheets can be found all over the World Wide Web, but unfortunately not always in a format that is Termbase-handy! Join Sameh Ragab on a magical tour detailing how time-consuming and tedious Termbase preparation tasks can be made simple using automated techniques, REGEX, Autosuggest creation and online glossary leveraging tips and trick, and more.


The art of disaster recovery planning: Everything a translator needs to know to be prepared against computer disasters and loss of data (presentation)


Imagine you wake up and go check your e-mail in the morning only to find that your computer has stopped working. Your hard drive has failed; you don’t have any backup system in place. All of your personal files, from payment sheets to translation memories, are gone forever. This scenario plays out all too often, so why not take a few simple steps to protect yourself and prevent this from ever happening to you? This one-hour session is dedicated to explaining proper disaster recovery techniques, including:


  • effective ways to create a full system image that can be restored in minutes, bringing everything back and quickly up and running again;
  • techniques for creating full and incremental data backups (tips and tricks every translator needs to know about);
  • taming your machine: proactive methods for protecting your machines from sudden failures;
  • how to use external media to save and restore your data;
  • building portable versions of your registered software to use them anywhere when needed;
  • the benefits and the hazards of cloud-based backups;
  • and more discussions if time allows.

Expert translators’ toolkit, workshop 


Expert Translators’ toolkit: For professional translators who want to make their lives easier and dare to diversify the scope of their services. 4 hours of selective tips and tricks that would completely open new horizons for translators and make tedious tasks easy to handle

Session includes:

Quick introduction to subtitling and how to excel as a translator in that field.
Quick introduction to Audio transcription and how to excel as a translator in that field.
Consolidating all your bilingual resources in one platform.
RSI syndrome prevention, while enhancing translators’ predictive typing experience.
Creating Termbases on the fly.
Working with Input Models.
Advanced search of Termbases.
Quick introduction to using RegEx in Studio 2014.
Live demo movies (no theories, just practical examples).
File type handling, and guidance to create your own when needed.
Always carry your Swiss army knife; life can be a lot easier!
Enhancing your TM Search experience.
Handling XML files using advanced approach.
Introduction to Custom Quality Assurance Rules.
Innovative approach to translating complex PDF files.
Different methods used to clean up the PDF conversion mess.
Effective ways to Extract PDF text.
RegEx techniques to save the day in finalizing the preparation process.
Creating an arsenal of searchable PDF resources, dictionaries, glossaries, Offline!
Mastering the review/proofreading process in PDF platform, including Commenting – stamps, sticky notes, signatures, highlights, etc.
Performing last minute edits prior to printing.
Understanding PDF printing standards, in case a client asks for a print ready PDF (including crop marks, bleed marks, etc).
Disaster recovery tips for password protected files sent over a weekend or in case you forget your own password!
Disaster recover techniques with a client facing problems reading a printed PDF translation due to language support or font issues.
Understanding Redaction and maintaining privacy when sending PDF files.
Effective ways to sign NDAs and other PDF documentation electronically.
Effective ways to comparing PDF files, to quickly work on an updated PDF file.
OCRing technique and making corrections on the fly where the OCR has misinterpreted words.
Last minute addition of hyperlinks and bookmarks to a print ready PDF, without having to go back to the underlying originating file