MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Nathalie van Praet

Nathalie van Praet
Nathalie van Praet

Being the daughter of the manager of a translation agency, Conducta, meant that I experienced the reality of tight deadlines and the sense of responsibility for constantly delivering high-quality translations to clients, from quite a tender age.
Instead of continuing with language studies, I took the conscious decision to study marketing instead. I find the contact with clients fascinating although in no way am I a typical sales person, nor do I want to be. Above all, I aim for clear and straightforward communication with people in general and also with clients and their end clients. After all, everything starts and ends with clear communication.
My previous experiences in sales and consultancy jobs taught me time and time again the importance of language and translation. It is essential to get the message across to clients using clear language. This was what eventually brought me back to the translation industry. Furthermore, the digital side of language and correct words is gaining ever increasing importance. So it came as no surprise that I ended up specialising in SEO and I have come full circle through translation, SEO copywriting and marketing.

Translating and web copywriting


Translating a commercial message is not just about transposing the message into another language. You also need to consider the target audience and the style and culture of the region concerned. So it goes beyond merely translating. This type of translation for commercial texts and websites is more akin to copywriting. It accurately retains the message but at the same time also adds shine which enables the message to be transmitted in a more attractive, sharper and commercial manner in the target language (transcreation).

In this presentation (30 minutes + 10 minutes for questions), I will take a closer look at what translators should take into account when looking for the ideal balance between translation and rewriting. I will also provide several specific tips:

Know who you are writing for:

  • create a persona;
  • know the target group and medium you are writing for, as there are various styles
  • translate/rewrite according to whether it is short copy, long copy, content creation, etc.

This presentation is mainly intended for translators who do not have much experience with commercial texts.

Translation and SEO (Workshop) 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you want a website to achieve a high search engine ranking. It is not only important for marketing professionals and copywriters, but for translators too.
In SEO, specific keywords are defined for each page using a keyword analysis. In addition, these words have to be integrated within the text in a particular way, otherwise the website will not be ranked.
In the workshop, I will provide an introduction to SEO and what you should pay attention to when translating. I will then go further into the following areas:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why are keywords important?
  • How to do a keyword analysis?
  • How to structure an SEO page?
  • How to incorporate keywords to get the best ranking?
  • What are the latest developments?

The workshop is a practical introduction to start working with SEO or just to learn about what you should be paying attention to. It is ideal for translators who want to learn more about translating websites.