MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Michael Buvens

Michael Buvens
Michael Buvens

I was born on December, 7th 1968 in Antwerp, Belgium. I stayed there until I interrupted my Law studies in 1990 to study East-European languages and cultures in Leuven. After some time in France, studying Russian Literature and Lithuanian & Polish culture, I started working at the Antwerp City Office of Social Translators and Interpreters on the 15th of April 1999. In 2000, I applied to pass a certificate with courses and exams (Lessius) to become a Court translator and interpreter, which I ended in 2001. Later on, I also passed a certificate to become a Community Interpreter. During some years, as was teaching Dutch to Polish people. My languages are Dutch, French, Russian, Lithuanian and Polish. Iʼve always been intrested in visiting conferences about the developing of our field, sharing experience with other interpreters and translators, thatʼs why I came to Lextra in 2014.

24/7 availability: is this a serious statement? (presentation)


History and preambles to the creation of a standby duty service set up by interpretors: the (modest but growing) Belgian experience
Exit point:  Not so much the maximalization of benefits, as rather labour ethics, founded on a deontological maxim:
ʻMentem sanam in corpore sano ad interpretandum habebisʼ

  • 2005: Failure of the plan to purchase a tailor made software
  • 2015: Lextra Lingua won a price at Value of Language with the initiative
  • 2016: Lextra wishes to extend the project
    Needs and responses: This summer will be dedicated to surveying as well interpretors as users, in order to get to know their reactions and develop the system