MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Lara Hölbling Matković

Lara Hölbling Matković
Lara Hölbling Matković

Lara Hölbling Matković is a literary translator, editor and author from Zagreb, Croatia.
She wrote My First Croatian Dictionary: For Children and Grown-Ups (Moj prvi hrvatski rječnik: za djecu I odrasle), and received for it the Kiklop-Award for best children’s book in 2005. She is the recipient of the Annual Award of the Croatian Literary Translators’ Association in 2006 for her translation of Elizabethan World Picture (Elizabetinska slika svijeta). She made the IBBY Honor List in 2010 with her translation of Kevin Henkes’ novel Olive’s Ocean (Olivin ocean).
She has been member of the Croatian Literary Translators’ Association since 1997, from 2004 to 2012 serving on the Executive Board, of which the last two years as president of the association. She was member of the Croatian council for the development of a national strategy for the promotion of reading.
She is member of the International Board of the Croatian Literary Translators’ Association and the Croatian representative in the European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations CEATL, where she also serves as vice-president.

Behind the Scenes


The presentation will include the history, development, goals and activities of CEATL.

CEATL is an international non-profit association  founded in 1993. It is a platform of European literary translator’s associations, understanding literary translations to be all texts that are protected by copyright law.
CEATL has 35 members (and counting) covering languages from 29 countries, and is governed by the General Assembly and the Executive Board.
The two main goals of CEATL are to gather information on the situation of literary translation and translators in the member countries, sharing experiences and examples of best practice, and to defend the legal, social and economic interests of literary translators in a European context. CEATL also strives to help individual member associations to strengthen the position of literary translators in their countries.
The aim of CEATL and its WGs is best covered by the points in the CEATL Hexalogue, i.e. “The Six Commandments of ‘fair-play’ in literary translation”.
There are currently six working groups active within CEATL: Working conditions, Copyright and e-rights, Visibility, Training and education, Best practices, Literary translation news.