MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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Dries Debackere

Dries Debackere
Dries Debackere

Dries Debackere is the man behind the Language Industry Awards (LIAs, www.languageindustry, The Value of Language (, and two news platforms for language professionals: De Taalsector ( and The Language Industry ( “These events and websites are an invitation to the entire language industry to collaborate in order to create more visibility and address public relations in the industry. They showcase the language industry, the products and services it has to offer, and its technologies and craftsmanship.”

Dries Debackere has had one foot in the language industry for twenty years now. First as a translator, a language trainer, a trainer of language trainers and a text editor, and then as a consultant to start-ups and developing language businesses. “When I look back at the start-ups of fifteen years ago that are now successful businesses, I see that they are mostly run by those professionals who remain well informed in their areas of specialisation and, at the same time, who can look beyond the bounds of their own discipline.”

Novelties in the European language industry


This presentation is an invitation for translation professionals to peek over the garden fence of the translation profession and discover fresh developments in neighbouring language professions.
In his presentation, Dries Debackere will be taking participants on an inspiring tour of more than twenty segments of the European language industry.
Segment upon segment, participants will discover new language products, services, technologies and relevant research output.
Participants will visit the following segments of the language industry: language training, technical communication, plain language, literacy, reading and writing, lexicology, terminology, speech-language pathology, sign language, language policy, foreign languages, foreign language acquisition, interpreting, dialect, language and speech technology, multilingualism, linguistics, text editing, audio description, subtitling and translation. The language industry in all its diversity …
Also, trends and major transformations affecting the language professions will be addressed.
Finally, Dries Debackere will point out common interests among language professionals as well as opportunities for cooperation within the “community of interest” of language professionals.