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Welcome to Ohrid, the city where the spirit of an ancient era meets the natural beauty. Located on the shores of the eponymous lake, Ohrid conveys the aura of classic and modern at the same time. In the reflection of the beautiful blue lake, the picturesque buildings and mountains that look like they have been extracted from a landscape painting patiently carry the wisdom of human race throughout centuries. Join us in this wonderful city, to share, discuss, experience, and celebrate the topics that interest us most.

  • Recently counted amongst the 30 most beautiful cities in Europe;
  • Natural, cultural, spiritual and historical center of Macedonia and Europe;
  • Since the Neolithic period, Ohrid has welcomed settlers who contributed to building the profound cultural heritage;
  • Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest and largest reserves in Europe, is known for its exceptional flora and fauna and curtains many mysteries waiting to be discovered;
  • Galichica National Park is a paradise on earth endowed with a unique wildlife;
  • Ohrid is part of the UNESCO world heritage.
  • Tsar Samuel’s Fortress – one of the largest medieval fortifications to be preserved in the Republic of Macedonia. With its massive walls and ramparts, it occupies the entire summit of the hill of Ohrid. It provides an excellent vantage point of the lake and the mountains.

tsar samoil

  • Plaoshnik – partially secluded, it is an archeological site hosting the Saint Panteleimon monastery which is believed to be the site where the first students of the Glagolitic alphabet were taught.
  • Kaneo – it is one of the landmarks of the old town of Ohrid and one of the favorite symbols of the entire city. The Church of St. Jovan Bogoslov stands on the lake shore, on a high cliff offering the visitors a sublime view of the peaceful lake.


  • Monastery of Saint Naum – 25 kilometers away from the center of the city, it is one of the first Slavonic monuments of ecclesiastical architecture in the Ohrid region. It represents a complex abounded with cultural heritage which is closely intertwined with nature.
  • Ohrid Old Bazaar – The bazaar is the place with many cafes and restaurants that “maintain” the daily activities. A 1,000 year old tree called The Chinar – Maple tree still stands in the middle of the square.
  • Bay of Bones – a reconstruction of an ancient pile-dwelling settlement.


  • Exceptional monasteries, churches, archeological sites, museums, gift shops and a lot more…


  • Ohrid is not a large city and it is easy to move around on foot. Most sights are within the walking distance from the city center. Nonetheless you can always take a taxi to go wherever you want.





  • Taxi services in Ohrid:
Aktuel Taxi +389 46 1583 +389 46 271 290
Bel Mercedes Taxi +389 46 1580 +389 46 263 807
De Lux Taxi +389 46 1588 +389 46 266 088
Mercedes Taxi +389 46 1592 +389 46 269 192
Mobi Dik Taxi +389 46 1595 +389 46 231 800
Radio Taxi Sukla +389 46 1597 +389 46 833 635
Suzuki MT Taxi +389 46 1599 +389 46 266 237
Taxi Boss +389 46 1591 +389 46 270 942


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