MATA Fourth International Conference for Translators and Interpreters

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WELCOME to MATA’s 4th International Translation and Interpretation Conference!

If you’re a new translator/interpreter, fresh out of university and still struggling to find your feet, here’s an opportunity to learn and network!
If you’re an experienced translator/interpreter, harnessing new technology to help your day-to-day tasks, come and share your knowledge!
If you’re an interpreter and wonder what impact the stress of hours-long interpretation exerts on your health, as well as how to remedy it, you should definitely tag along!
If you’re a researcher of the theoretical, (neuro)biological or technological implications of translation and interpretation, you’re indispensable!
If you’re a member of a T&I association and wish to explore what forms of alliances and collaborations the new associations can establish, it’s important that we meet!

The overarching topic of this year’s conference is “Novelties in the Translation and Interpreting Industry”. Technological advancements shape the work of today’s language professionals and help translators and interpreters find out more about their limits, abilities and possibilities, about the health implications of these professions and about possible new forms of business association.
These are only a few aspects that we could touch upon during conference discussions. This year we at MATA are hoping to create a blend of research and practice presentations that would enrich and benefit the work of both researchers and practitioners and will inspire attendees to delve deeper into new topics for discussion.

So, book your flights and start planning.

Ohrid and MATA will be thrilled to welcome you in October!


The location itself is the icing on the cake. Dubbed the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”, Ohrid is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, situated by the ancient Ohrid Lake. Boasting 365 churches, one for each day of the year, it is bound to offer a soul-charming travelling experience.

Why you should visit the 4th International MATA T&I Conference:

  • A diverse array of speakers and a choice of extracurricular activities
  • Topics that usually get neglected or bypassed by conference programmes
  • The most affordable European conference for professional development of translators and interpreters
  • Plenty of opportunities to network
  • A rare chance to experience the amazing Macedonian traditional cuisine and fall in love with breathtaking Ohrid and its lake